Special order bespoke mosaic floor tiles 2cm x 2cm thick 3.8mm for office entrance

Random mix (super white,pale grey, black)
All mosaic tiles assembled on sheets easy to install, including drawing.

Bespoke mosaic floor tiles for kitchen floor

Tiles: 2cm x 2cm thick

Hand-made bespoke design. Barnes.

Hand-made bespoke design and our installation service.
Mosaic tiles 2cm x 2cm thick 3.8 mm plus step tread tiles.

Mosaic hexagon tiles, kitchen 45 sqm

A big order for a 45 square-meter kitchen floor area. White and black mosaic hexagon tiles, sheeted with plastic film on top.

Bespoke tile design and installation, Wimbledon.

Geometric mosaic floor tiles.
High quality installation service by Martin Mosaic.
Colours: charcoal and white, thickness: 9mm.

Geometric mosaic floor tiles. Geometric mosaic floor tiles.

Hand-made marble mosaic design. Bespoke bathroom floor.

Hand-made marble mosaic design created for a private client.

bespoke marble floor

Unglazed mosaic floor tiles – Winckelmans

Tiles: 15cmx15cm thick 9mm.
Colours: white, black, grey pale.

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