Installation service


Our company provides a comprehensive tile installation service. This is an additional service for clients who have purchased tile designs and tiles from us.

Whether it’s a bathroom, kitchen, hallway, outdoor patio or path to your front door, our certified tiler will work to get the job done to a high specification.

Attention to detail

Our service means high quality and attention to detail.


Bad corner

The border corner isn't seamless

Martin Mosaic

Seamless corner

The corner is seamless


Imperfect arch

Martin Mosaic

Ideal arch


We will:

  • Deliver the tiles at a time that is convenient to you.
  • Cover vents to contain dust and debris during installation.
  • Remove your old flooring and prepare the surface for installation.
  • Lay out the tiles as per your chosen design for your inspection. Once you are happy with the design, glue and grouting is applied.
  • Clean the installation area and remove project waste.
  • Walk through the final inspection with you.
  • Provide maintenance and warranty information.

Please contact us if you are interested in booking this service.